Agave Syrup



Made of 100% Blue Agave, our Agave Nectar is a High Fructose natural sweetener without any conservatives, it brings a low glucemic index allowing diabetic people (1 and 2 type) to use it.

It is 1.5 times sweeter than sugar and ideal to enhance food flavor.

Available in two versions:

Amber and Dark.
Mode of use:

Add it to food and beverages in order to sweeten them.

  • PET bottle of 330 g (11.5 oz.)
  • PET bottle of 660 g (23.1 oz.)
  • PET bottle of 700 g (24.5 oz.)
  • Plastic drum of 285 kg (628.1 lb.)
  • Tote of 1350 kg (2,975.4 lb.)

Recipe: Nectarine Chicken