Cielito Lindo Brand


CIELITO LINDO is the name of our product brand. Its logo represents an image of a sun above a field inside a traditional “Papel Picado” design (paper folk art that literally means punched paper) with the brand’s name above flowers.


Our brand is based on three main concepts: Quality and Tradition, from México to the world. The Quality concept is represented by a clear design and the image of a day in all its splendor with a sun in its zenith. Tradition is reflected by the papel-picado-based design which is used in the Mexican celebrations since the XIX century and is now considered as cultural heritage of México. The idea of from México to the world is shown using a logo that is recognizable as Mexican (by our design based on one of the most famous Mexican crafts: the papel picado).


Its goal is to represent the origin and quality of our product assortment and to become synonymous of tasteful and safe food.